Rakhine Minister’s comment jeopardize to bring an end to the migration crisis

Bangladesh Foreign Ministry condemned and summoned Burmese ambassador in Dhaka over a Rakhine state minister’s comment at a Naypyidaw diplomatic briefing, which can jeopardize coordinated efforts for Dhaka and Naypyidaw want to make to bring an end to the migration crisis, according to bdnews24.com on June 5.
Rakhine Minister –Zaw Aye Maung- comment on Bangladesh as poor socio-economic conditions forcing people to migrate illegally, which Dhaka considered this comment as “derogatory”, and contradictory to neighborly attitude.

Zaw Aye Maung, a Rakhine minister said unscheduled in a diplomatic briefing at Naypyidaw that the high population growth and lack of economic opportunities in Bangladesh were driving illegal migration, according to media reports.

Many Bangladeshis claim to be from Burma for “political reasons”, and because of the dense population and a large increase in population there are less economic opportunities there, said Rakhine minister.

Aye Maung said at the briefing, which focused on the two rescue missions recently conducted by the Burmese navy.

“It’s natural for those people to migrate to other areas like–Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia and other neighboring countries—  for decades, not just the current time.”

Sufiur Rahman, the Bangladesh Ambassador to Burma was present at that briefing organized for foreign diplomats based in Burma.

The Burmese ambassador entering the office of Additional Secretary Mizanur Rahman after 3pm on June5 and came out after half an hour, said its diplomatic correspondent Nurul Islam Hasib and sources said the Burmese ambassador was summoned, the bdnews24.com said. But, Bangladesh Foreign ministry did not issue any statement.

But Bangladesh opted to work closely with Burma to solve this crisis particularly after the influx of thousands of Burmese and Bangladeshis in the Indian Ocean by boat.

Officials say Bangladesh has agreed to take back its nationals earlier found abroad the ship in Burmese waters.

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