Burmese refugees face acute water crisis

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burmese Rohingya refugees have been facing an acute water crisis in unregistered Leda camp (Tal) since May 2015 for shortage of water, Kamal, a refugee leader from the Leda camp said.
“The International Organization for Migrant (IOM) is working in the Leda camp now.  The IOM works for management, medical treatment and hygienic issues such as— latrines, drainage systems and supplying water to the camp.”

However, Muslim Aids (UK) worked in Leda camp earlier, but it is not available in the camp now, according to refugees.

In every hot season, “We are facing from water crisis and getting one pot or two-pots of water daily which is supplied by INGOs. It is not enough for us as we have 5 to 6 members in a family,” said Salim, a refugee from the camp.

“We -more than 12,000 refugees- are living in the Leda camp (Tal) without supporting by UNHCR and even from Bangladesh government. But, we receive medical facilities and lodging  facility from EU (European Union).Every year in the summer season, we are not able to cook food and to take baths, washing clothes and drinking water on time, but we have to carry unclean water from stream,” Salim more added.

Hasina,a mother of four children from the camp said most children are facing various skin diseases because of the short supply of water and the overall unhygienic situation.

“My child is crying because of high temperature as the weather becomes very hot (38 C). I am not able to give a bath to my baby,”  Rukeya, another mother of a small child said.

Besides, the official refugees of Nayapara camp are also facing an acute water crisis because of the dam –Stock water for camp – was dried up in the hot season, a refugee elder Abu Bakker from the Nayapara camp said.

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