Genocide in the name of protecting the nation

(On the 3rd commemoration of Arakan genocide)

By Aman Ullah

“How can people be treated in such a way — hunted down, homes torched, beaten and killed — in the name of a warped sense of nationalism? Do the perpetrators not know that we are from the same human family?” ………….Dr. Desmond Tutu

Burma began its political transition from authoritarianism to democracy in 2011 and anti-Rohingya campaign began to intensify in November in the same year. Since then the nationalists have mobilized Buddhist Burmans for their campaign against the Rohingya by presenting Arakan state as the western gate of Buddhist Burma against ‘flooding’ Muslims from Bangladesh. A radical Buddhist groups have characterized the Muslims as “a most dangerous and fearful poison that is severe enough to eradicate all civilization.” Citing Adolf Hitler, a Rakhine political party has said that crimes against humanity, even the Holocaust, are justified “in defense of national sovereignty” and “survival of a race.”
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Burmese Navy rescued 727 boatpeople lands in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese Navy rescued 727 boat people – 608 men, 74 women and 45 children – on board were landed in Poungzaar (Ashika Para) Maungdaw at 8:30am, according to Village admin officer of Shwezarr Village.

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