Nearly 150,000 Yaba tablets seized at Sant-Martin Island

Teknaf, Bangladesh: At around 150,000 pieces of Yaba tablets were seized from a fishing boat by the Bangladesh Coastguards of Sant-Martin Island yesterday morning, Lalu Majee, a fisherman named Sayed from Saint-Martin Island said.
yaba-03“Eight fishermen along with a fishing boat were sunk in the Bay of Bengal by attacking of a group of pirates on May 20. But the fishermen were rescued by some other fishermen of Shapuri Dip.”

Later on, the Majee Mohammed Rafique (43) of the fishing boat who had been rescued went to Saint-Martin and met with a boatman named Md. Ismail and explained detail of the event. He also said that there were many Yaba tablets in the boat that were brought from Akyab (Sittwee), Burma, according to sources.

Hearing this, Ismail immediately hired two fishing trawlers including three Saint-Martin Services, went to the spot and pulled the sinking boat to the seashore on May 22, in the evening, Jangir said.

But, this news had already been reached to the Bangladesh Coast guards, So, a group of coast guards went to the spot and searched the boat and found more Yaba tablets in the water container yesterday morning, according to Bangladesh Coastguards report.

Lt. Commander Dorul Huda of Bangladesh Coastguard said that a team of Bangladesh Coastguards got more than 138,000 Yaba tablets from the boat. The Yaba tablets were smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma by sea-route.

Besides, an alleged Yaba trader Sayed Nur Hossain was killed during a ‘gunfight’ with police in Teknaf upazila early today nearby at Bridge No.114, OC Ataur Rahman Khandaker said.

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