Villager arrested and severely toured in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A villager from Du Chee Yardan (Kilaidaung) village of Maungdaw south was arrested by Border Guard Police (BGP) on May 8 over the allegation that he was involved in killing a police officer last year in the event between police and villagers. The arrestee is being toured severely, said ex-village admin officer of the village.  “The victim is identified as— Ayub Khan (25), son of Mogul Ahmed, hailed from Kilaidaung village of Maungdaw Township.”

The close collaborator of police namely— Shah Alam (30), son of Kala of the same village informed to police that the victim was involved in the killing of police officer last year, on January 12, the Admin more added.

Shah Alam is the present secretary of this village and wants to become village Admin officer (Chairman) after the killing of ex-village Admin officer Sultan (27) on May 2 by unknown villagers. So, Shah Alam becomes close agent of police officer of the camp that is nearby village, said another local businessman on condition of anonymity.

The police officer gave Kyat 300,000 to Shah Alam to give secret information of killing police officer in Kilaidaung village on January 12, 2014, according to ex-village Admin,

After arrest of Ayub Khan, on May 8, the arrestee indicated the grave of missing police officer. After that the police officer brought Ayub Khan to his home to see his family members on May 10, a close relative of the victim said.

Today, at about 9:00 AM, a group of police and army went to the spot to dig the grave, but they did not find any sign of dead body.

A village leader said that the victim was compelled to show the grave of missing police officer in last year.

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