Breaking News: Maungdaw Juma Mosque shop line on fire

Fire started from first floor of Nurul Huda shop from Maungdaw Juma Mosque shop line at 8:40 pm, on May 12 and no Rohingyas were allowed to save their shops and lives from the shop line, according to eyewitness near the accident.
“The fire was started from first floor, not from the ground floor which seen, it may be planned. No shops owner allowed to save their properties and to go the spot by police personnel, but allowing Rakhine community to go to the spot where the Rakhine were disturbing, the fire brigade while they tried to stop the fire. The Rakhine forcefully used the fire brigade to save the United boarding, not the burning shops, if police tried to stop fire , there will be only one or two shops.”

After arriving of army personnel, the situation was changed and the fire was control at about 1:00 am, otherwise the fire will continuous till morning. Estimated burned shops may be around 20 shops from Juma Mosque shop line and Abdul Munaf Company shop line, the eyewitness more said.

“Detail information of burned shops and others will know next morning.”

Kaladan press tried to catch more information and lost about fire, but fail as the communication was cut off near the areas.

Rohingyas, near and from the accident areas are not able to get real information about the fire in Maungdaw.

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