Dhaka, Napaydaw agree to share info on narcotics, drug trafficking

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Bangladesh and Burma agreed to share both operational and technical information to prevent the abuse of narcotics and drug trafficking through the borders of the two neighboring nations at a meeting in Dhaka on May 6, according to the Department of Narcotics Control. “Bangladesh and Burma at a bilateral meeting have reached an agreement on 10 issues, including sharing both the operational and technical information, to check drug abuse and smuggling through the respective borders,” said Bazlur Rahman, the Director General of the Department of Narcotics Control.

Briefing reporters at Department of Narcotics Control office about the outcome of the bilateral meeting between the delegations of Bangladesh and Burma.

The two-day second bilateral meeting on abuse of narcotics and drug trafficking which started on May 5 at a city hotel.

Bazlur Rahman led the 15-member home side to the meeting while Brigadier General Kyaw Win, Joint Secretary of CCDAC-cum-Commander of Drug Enforcement Division of Burma led his country’s four-member delegation.

The two countries also decided to identify the sources and routes of drug smuggling and the gangs involved in it through the two country’s borders and take necessary actions against them, Rahman said to reporter.

“Both the countries specially angered to intensify monitoring on both sides of the border the two nations to check Yaba production and also decided to continue the effective activities to stop poppy and hemp cultivation in the border areas.”

The both nations also agreed to modernize and develop the border management system and worked out strategies to intensify search operations in the vessels that ply the Naf River and coastal areas adjacent to the borders of the countries to stop drug trafficking.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been signed between the two countries in December 1, 1994 to prevent drug smuggling, Rahman said

Bangladesh provided to the Myanmar delegation with the lists of the names of their country’s Yaba producing factories, the rackets of drug peddlers along the border and those have already indicted in different cases.

General Kyaw Win and his team members assured Bangladesh delegation of taking proper actions in this regard.

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