Three drug traffickers with huge Yaba held in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Three drug traffickers with 600,000 Yaba tablets were held by Burma border guard police (BGP) on May 5 at about 6:55PM in Shwezar village under Maungdaw, according to BGP source from Maungdaw.

The arrested drug traffickers are: – Myat Kyaw, San Maung Shwe and Khine Maung Thun, all hailed from Maundaw.

The drug traffickers are the group leaders of drug trafficking network where the BGP believed the network has more than two people. The traffickers are businessmen and also influence person in Maungdaw, the BGP source said.

The drug traffickers with a black double cab vehicle went to Shwezar where they want to hand over the Yaba to their agent. But, BGP had information about the dealing and wait for exchange, said the source.

The BGP personnel who came from its headquarters and arrested the traffickers and seized 600,000 Yaba tablets. The arrested news was spread  whole town as the arrested persons are influence persons and are involved in Rakhine political network, said  Asif, the drug  watch dog from Maungdaw.

Some local said the BGP personnel to take revenge Rakhine community for the clashed of water festival where the Rakhine community asked to apology and Rakhine community youth also didn’t appear in the court. The said traffickers are the leaders of this group as they have money and power, said Asif.

The Rakhine drug traffickers are carrying their drug through Aahngumaw  to Maungdaw by road as their vehicles are not checking by security force. It is very easy to them to carry drug from Akyab to Maungdaw by road, said a village admin officer who denied to be named.

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