4 Rohingyas found dead in Bandarban, Bangladesh

Bandarban, Bangladesh:  Four members of  Rohingya family, including a minor boy, were found dead at Tiamolong village in Sadar upazila of Bandarban yesterday, said Imtiyas Ahmed,  Officer-in- Charge, Kotwali police station, Bandarban.
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Rohingya Refugees unwilling to move to a shoal

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Official registered Burmese Rohingya refugees from Nayapara and Kutupalong camps are unwilling to move to a shoal at Hatia Island in Noakhali from the Cox’s Bazar district for lack of live security afraid because of lives safety, Saiful Islam, a Rohingya community leader said from refugee camp.  Continue reading “Rohingya Refugees unwilling to move to a shoal”

Authority remove Rohingyas from us: Bangladeshi Boat people

The Boat people who were rescued from floating and stranded in the sea near Maungdaw claimed Burmese authority took away Rohingyas from their boat since May 19 night, said Bangladeshi boat people who were shift from Aley Than Kyaw, Maungdaw south to Taung Pyo, Maungdaw north on May 25.
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These Rohingya are not Victims of Human Traffickers

By Aman Ullah

“What needs to change here is that the Rohingya need to feel welcome in the country of their birth, in the country of their parents’ birth, of their grandparents’ birth,” Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary of State

No people leave their traditional hearths and homes unless there is a serious threat to their personal security. For decades, wave after wave of Burmese refugees have fled war and oppression in their native land to seek uncertain exile in neighboring countries.  Particularly the unending plight of Rohingya Muslims of Arakan continues, with time appearing to be running out for the thousands currently stranded in boats off Southeast Asian shores.
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BGB postpones sending team to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has postponed sending a team to Burma to bring back rescued Bangladeshi boatpeople and asked Burmese government for a detailed list of boatpeople with their identities, according to BGB sources. Continue reading “BGB postpones sending team to Burma”

Burmese Navy rescues boatpeople- hides Rohingya and show only Bengali

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Myanmar Navy rescued 350 boatpeople from two floating fishing trawlers from its western coast, but, the boat had more than 350 boatpeople and authority show only 208 who claimed as Bengali – 200 people, 8 Rohingyas, and hiding another 142 Rohingyas , according to an official from Maungdaw.

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Australia Rohingya demonstrates for floating and stranded boatpeople in sea

Australia Rohingya communities from Queensland and Sydney demonstrated for Rohingyas and Bangladeshi boatpeople who are floating and stranded in sea on May 22 at evening, according to Burmese Rohingya Association in Queensland Australia (BRAQA) information desk.

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Nearly 150,000 Yaba tablets seized at Sant-Martin Island

Teknaf, Bangladesh: At around 150,000 pieces of Yaba tablets were seized from a fishing boat by the Bangladesh Coastguards of Sant-Martin Island yesterday morning, Lalu Majee, a fisherman named Sayed from Saint-Martin Island said.
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