Rohingya activist receives RI Richard C. Holbrooke Leadership award

A Rohingya – Tun Khin, an activist and Burmese Rohingya Organisation, UK (BROUK) president – received Refugees International’s (RI) Richard C. Holbrooke Leadership award at its 36th Anniversary Dinner in Washington DC on 28th April, according to BROUK’s General Secretary Ahamed Jarmal.


Tun Khin receiving  the leadership award from  Her Majesty Queen Noor of JordanAt the anniversary dinner ceremony, the American Film Actor Matt Dillon host as Master of Ceremony and Opening remarks were given President of Refugees International and Queen Noor of Jordan, Jarmal said.

Rohingya activist and BROUK president Tun Khin delivered his speech to the anniversary dinner ceremony event after receiving RI’s leadership award where all the audience moved and drawn attention on Rohingya issue. He urged immediate stronger action to end persecution Rohingya in the event, Jarmal more added.

Tun Khin delivered his speech to the anniversary dinner ceremony event

“It is a great honour, receiving this award on behalf of Rohingya people. It is a great opportunity where more than 500 dignified people attended including Queen Noor of Jordan, Actor Matt Dillon, honouring Journalist Maureen Orth, Senator Chris Coons, RI’s founder Sue Morton and other celebrities to highlight decades of persecution and destruction against Rohingya by Burmese Government. I hope that all will definitely do some practical actions to stop persecution against Rohingyas,” said Tun Khin, the Human Rights activist and the President of BROUK. “The audience had shown their sympathy on Rohingya’s cause.”

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan said very sympathy on Rohingya issue, will do the best to stop persecution against Rohingya issues, Khin remarked on Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan speech.

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan delivered  speech in the event

Refugees International’s 36th Anniversary Dinner took place at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium on the evening of April 28, 2015 in Washington, DC. Matt Dillon, American Film actor Director, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, many ambassadors from Washington DC, Many high level US Officials, BROUK’s General Secretary Ahamed Jarmal and More than 500 dignitaries attended, according to BROUK information.

It is a great event and a great honour for Rohingya people getting an opportunity to highlight persecution of Rohingya people, the award winner, Tun Khin said.

Before the evening, all awardees were honoured with Lunch by his Excellency Ambassador of Spain residence. More than twenty Ambassadors and board members of Refugees International were joined with awardees at lunch. Khin more added.

The view of Refugees International’s (RI) annual Anniversary Dinner event

Refugees International’s (RI) annual Anniversary Dinner is an exclusive awards ceremony and celebration honoring individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership and commitment to humanitarian action. In the event, Maureen Orth, Journalist, received the 2015 McCall-Pierpaoli Humanitarian Award, Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, received the 2015 Congressional Leadership Award and Tun Khin, Human rights activist, received the 2015 Richard C. Holbrooke Leadership Award, were honouring the award for 2015 to those who labour to improve the lives of displaced people and remedy displacement crises across the world according to RI website.

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