Police involves to destroy Rohingya family

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The police officer from Maungdaw district police are involving to destroy Rohingya family, according to Mohamed Akbar, a trader from Maungdaw.
Taung Htun, the police officer, former traffic police officer, was hired by Mohamed Shafi hailed from Foar Khali village, paying kyat 500,000 kyat to destroy the family of his daughter – Yasmin, who was married with A Rohingya from Buthidaung – for denying to pay visit Yasmin to her father in Maungdaw, Akbar said.

The police officer – Taung Htun- went to the Buthidaung, brought both Yasmin and her husband to Maungdaw on April 30, where the police officer handed over Yasmin to her father Mohamed Shafi and  her husband sent to Buthidaung without his wife, said Amin Hussion, a closed  villager of Yasmin’s husband.

Yasmin and her husband are living happily and they have no problem in their family lives, but Yasmin’s father – a collaborator of authority and having showing his wealthy with help of authority, Amin said.

In Rohingya community, family problem was solved with traditional system, is solved within two families, both husband and wife or within the village elder. The family problem issued was solved within traditional or religious. But, now the Rohingya are using security force by paying money, who didn’t know or asked the problem within families or husband and wife. The officer who received money, pay attention to the person who paid money, no matter who is rights or wrong, not trying to solve within traditional, said a village admin officer who denied to be named.

By using money, happy living family will face terrible and can’t fix their lives again within a family. If  using money and using police in our traditional family problem, there will be no longer the peace within the community, the admin officer more added.

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