65- Arakan Army arrested in Kyauktaw Township

Kyauktaw, Arakan State: 65-Arakan Army (AA) was arrested by Burmese army in Kyauktaw on April 26, after breaking out fighting between Arakan Army and Burmese army on April 21, said an agent of Army from Kyauktaw Township.   “A fierce fighting was occurred between AA and Burmese army at Kyauktaw Township on April 21 using heavy guns from both sides. The fighting was happened nearby Rakhine villages (5-believe village).”

As a result, the Burmese armies believe that the local Rakhine villagers also involved in the fighting. After searching one of the five villages, Burmese army arrested 5-Arakan Army with arms and ammunition, sources said.

The Burmese army continued searching the villagers and arrested 65 Arakan armies on April 26. Among them 16 Arakan armies were sent to Maungdaw Township after filing case against them said a prominent leader from with Act 71 (Anti-government Act), Kyauktaw Township.

The Burmese army is also finding out the whole Arakan State who is involved with Arakan Army. So, the Rakhine leaders are upsetting about their future, and the Rakhine youths are also fleeing from Arakan State to avoid arrest of Burmese army,  said a Rakhine leader from Kyauktaw township preferring not to be named.

Besides, all the security forces were withdrawn from Buddhist temples of Maungdaw Township, which had been deployed in every Buddhist temple after the clashes between Rakhine and Rohingya communities in June 8, 2012, a local village Admin officer of Maungdaw Township said on condition of anonymity.

Earlier, there were fighting between Burmese army and Arakan Army on April 10, 17 and 18 and some of the Burmese armies were killed including army officer. They also fought on March 29, at Pichaung region of Saba Seik village of Kyauktaw Township.

According to Deputy Army Chief Brig Gen Dr. Nyu Tun Aung, earlier they have strength about 300 and now nearly 1,000.

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