540 houses burned down at Kyauktaw, Arakan

Pauktaw, Arakan:  About 540 homes of Rakhine community were burned down by military in Kyauktaw Township on April 21, because of helping and giving shelter to Arakan Army (AA), according to a man through telephone from Kyauktaw who denied to be named.  “After crucial fighting between Burmese army and Arakan Army on that day at night nearby Rakhine villages (five villages), Burmese army surrounded all the Rakhine villages and searching them and captured 5-Arakan Army with arms and ammunition from one of the villages.”

So, the Burmese army became furious and burned down all the houses of the said village (which was captured guns) after taking out all the household things from the houses and all the villagers were driven out of the village, a local elder from the locality said on condition of anonymity.

The rest 4 villages are barred from reaching any ration even water to them by the army from other villages or other social welfare organizations. Burmese armies have been searching arms and ammunition from these villages. Some of the villagers are accused to give shelter and giving helps to the AA.

In the fighting, both sides were using heavy guns and the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No.539 of Sakakha- 9 of Pauktaw Township is fighting with Arakan Army on April 21.

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