Drug trafficker handovers a Rohingya to BGP Headquarters

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A drug trafficker handed over an innocent Rohingya to the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP), to arrest with the help of his drug supplier on April 13, according to Mohamed Noor, a school teacher from Maungdaw.The drug trafficker Lalu son of San Meah who is working for Police officer Aung Saw, a police officer of under the BGP, now sitting in the Maungdaw district Police station. Lalu is a collaborator of BGP and he made so many problems to the people who is pointing against him and his business, Noor said.

The innocent Rohingya named Hamid hailed from Maung Ni village of Maungdaw, traveling by rickshaw to Maungdaw on April 13 at about 2:50pm. When he reached in front of Maungdaw Middle School and Lalu home, Lalu and his son- Anwer- suddenly pulled down Hamid from the rickshaw where the father and son had beaten Hamid severally. They two dragged Hamid to their home where they put 168 Yaba tablets in Hamid pocket, then put in his unlicensed vehicle, plate number 1B-1428 and was driven  to BGP Headquarters where Hamid was kept in their custody, said Azim Ullah, an elder from Maungdaw.

Lalu has a fishing boat which anchors at Maung Ni fishing port and Lalu uses this fishing boat for trafficking drug to Bangladesh with help of Police officer Aung Saw and other BGP personnel officers. Hamid and Anwer argued not to use Maung Ni fishing port for drug trafficking which made Anwer upset and when he get change, he made Hamid a drug paddler and handed over to BGP headquarters for harassment, Azim Ullah said.

But, all the villagers, village elders and village admin officers said to concerned authority that Hamid is innocent in this case and Lalu is a drug trafficker, said Mohamed Rafique, a village admin officer from Maungdaw.

Later, the concerned authority for Hamid case, arrested Lalu for false statement and other ill-treatment to Hamid. The drug trafficking case must include in his case, said the villagers from block number two and Maung Ni village.

Moreover, the police officer Tu Tu and block number two admin officer Yousuf with other police personnel entered Lalu home at 10:00am on April 15, where they found two old rusted home use knifes. The police officer and admin officer arrested Lalu wife and took to Maungdaw police station where they demanded 1.2 million kyat from her to released and she come back home at 12:00pm noon after giving the money, Anno Meah, a closed relative of Lalu.

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