Requisition order issue to Rohingyas’ vehicles for Songkran transport in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level officers issued an order to the traffic police department to requisition all Rohingyas’ vehicles to transport civilian Buddhist community to join the opening ceremony of Songkran stage of district admin office on April 12, said Mohamedullah, a Tawlagyi driver from Maungdaw.
“Police called all the Rohingyas’ Taxi only and said to serve on April 13 – the starting day of Songkran- to transport civilian Buddhist community from different place to Maungdaw district admin office stage where the officers will open the stage.”

The authority only requisition the Rohingyas’ vehicles, not requisition Rakhines’ vehicles. If the authority want vehicles, they must requisition all vehicles from both community, said Rahim, a vehicle owner from Maungdaw.

The authority didn’t give any support for requisition, the Rohingyas’ vehicles owner has to pay fuel, the foods for drivers and staff, Rahim said. “We heard that whenever the government requisition vehicles, the authority had given all –fuel, foods for driver and staff, but in Maungdaw, we don’t get anything from authority.”

The ordered was issued by U Khin Maung Lwin, Maungdaw district admin officer and U Hla Myint, Maungdaw Township admin officer, said an officer who denied to be named.

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