Village admin officer demand for returning white card receipt

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The village/block admin officers near the Maungdaw municipal areas are demanding money from the villagers for receipts who returned their white cards to the village/block admin office since April 1, according to Anu Meah from Maungdaw.

Yousuf, the admin officer of block number two is forcefully demanding money from villagers while the villagers go to receive their receipts of white cards, Anu Meah more added.

Similarly, most of the village admin officers near the Maungdaw Township are trying to collect money from villagers while to return the receipts of white cards. The authority announced not to collect any money while to hand over the white cards to the concerned authority, a village admin officer who denied to be named.

The authority forced the village elders , religious leaders and admin officers to organize the villagers to hand over the white cards on time and to apply for citizenship with  race name “Bengali” instate of “Rohingya”.

But, the Rohingya community from northern Arakan are refusing to apply for citizen with race name of “Bengali” and keeping the white cards as only remaining form of official identification document of Burmese citizen, said Mohamed Rafique, a student from Maungdaw.

The Rohingya community from northern Arakan also returned the white cards to the authority for not mentioning in the receipt as Bengali or Rohingya as Race, there is no space for Race in the receipt. So, Rohingya community returned the white cards,  otherwise no, Rafique more added.

The authority formed a white card receiving committee with village admin officer as chairmen, an immigration officer as secretary, the village admin office secretary as member and three village elders as also members, the village admin officer said.

The immigration department officially operate in the fields of Indin for south and Aung Tha Pay for north. The villagers who met with official group, got the returned receipt easy but other who handed over were face late and delay to receive the receipts, Rafique said.

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