Burma may supply enough onions to Bangladesh

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Bangladesh will import onions from Burma this year as Bangladesh’s demand-supply shortfall in onions, said Noor Mohamed, a trader from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Burmese Onions to export to Bangladesh
Bangladesh has been importing onions from India but the prices vary depending on the vagaries of the Indian market where a bad drop drives up local prices and weakens the urge to export.

Burma onion growers suffered a sharp drop in export— down from 58,515 tons in 2013-14 to 35,350 tons in 2014-15.The drop has taken place primarily because China has been importing less of Burma’s onions, sources said.

U Tin Soe, deputy director general of Mandalay trade promotion department said on April 8 that Bangladesh’s demand-supply shortfall in onions was around 300,000 tons.

Burma now produces one million tons of onion annually and consumes just 600,000 tones. So, Myanmar can easily make up the whole demand in Bangladesh,” he more added.

Myanmar may supply enough onions to fill the demand-supply gap in Bangladesh, a top Myanmar official has said.

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