BGB-BGP Sector Commander Level flag meeting at Border

Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar:  A BGB-BGP sector Level flag meeting was held at Gumdum border on Burma – Bangladesh Friendship Bridge, yesterday, according to BGB official.  “The meeting was started from 11:00 am and ended 3:30 pm. In the meeting both sides agreed that to construct the border pillars, which were destroyed along the 144 kilometers border out of 272 kilometers within two countries.”

Cox’s Bazar Sector Commander Col Mohammed Khalekuz Zaman led 14-member of Bangladesh side while BGP second Commanding officer police Col Myo Swe, Maungdaw led 9- member of Burma side, a source close to BGB said.

In the meeting, BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) requested to BGP (Burma Border Guard Police) officers to keep and maintain the border area in peace and it is necessary to stop Burmese nationals’ penetration to Bangladesh and to stop smuggling of Yaba and other narcotics to Bangladesh. In reply, BGP said that they will try their best, BGB official said.

In the meeting the both side agreed not to exchange fire along the border, the BGB official source more added.

The BGP officer asked to BGB that RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) is present in Bangladesh at no men-lands, but BGB official “promptly rejected that there is no such rebellion group in our land.”

If there is any problem in the border between two countries, this will be solved by sitting Sector or Battalion Level meetings as usual.  This was agreed by both sides. They also agreed upon that to keep the border in peace and want to strengthen the relation between the two countries.

Besides, in Bangladesh side, the 17 BGB Battalion Commander Lt Col Khondekar Saiful Alam, 42 BGB Battalion Commander Lt Col Abuzar  Al- Zahid, 31 BGB Battalion Commander Hassan Husson, 50 BGB Battalion Commander Lt Col Shofful Alam Farbez, Cox’s Bazar  17 BGB Battalion deputy commander Major Imran Ullah Saber were present in the meeting, according to Hamid Manik of Ukhiya.

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