BGB push back 514-Rohingya within one month

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) pushed back 514 Rohingyas including 319 men, 129 women and 68 children to Burma within one month—March, 2015,– according to second commander Abu Rasel Siddique of BGB Battalion No.42 of Teknaf, Bangladesh. “They are arrested by BGB while illegally entering Bangladesh from various points of Burma-Bangladesh border. Later on, they were pushed back to Burma by BGB after giving some food and medicines.”

The fate of the pushed back Rohingya is unknown, Alamgir, a Rohingya from border said.

Besides, the BGB personnel also seized a lot of Yaba tablets worth Taka over 123.75 million from Burma-Bangladesh border within last month (in March), the BGB official more added.

Especially, the BGB and coast Guard of Bangladesh have been trying to curb the Yaba smuggling from Burma since long, but failed. Though the BGB out-posts in border area are closely built one after another  to watch the Yaba smugglers, they are not able to stop the Yaba smuggling to Bangladesh, a local trader from Teknaf said on condition of anonymity.

Another man from border area said, “The villagers who are living in border areas quickly become rich after involving in Yaba smuggling. So, the people who are not involved in Yaba before are also interesting in Yaba smuggling.”

The big smugglers carry Yaba to Chittagong by water way from Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan State, according to a trader from Teknaf preferring not to be named.

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