Three Rohingya youths arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan state: Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested three Rohingya youths in Maungdaw recently over the allegation that they have linked with Rhingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), said one of the close relatives of the victims preferring not to be named. “The arrested are identified as—Sayed (35), son of Rabekh Ali; Mohamed Taher (22), son of Mohamed Sayed and Johir Ullah (25), son of Sayed Alam. They all belong to Konsi Pyin village of Maungdaw North.”

Sayed was arrested on March 5 and Mohamed Taher and Johir Ullah were arrested on March 13. After arrest, they were brought to BGP headquarters where they have been severely tortured by BGP personnel, according to family members.

Recently, the BGP personnel propagated that RSO rebellion group entered in the Burmese jungle, so the villagers are not allowed to go to forest to cut wood and bamboo.  If any villager is met in the jungle, he/ she will be shot to death, sad Ahmed, a village elder from Maungdaw north.

In fact, the BGP or army have giving military training to Rakhine youths and the members of ‘969’ group in jungle hiding from Rohingya community. But this has been seen by some Rohingya villagers and spread among the Rohingya community, the elder more added.

So, to wipe out from the people minds, army and BGP make propaganda that Rohingya rebellion group entered in jungle from Bangladesh and arrested Roingya youths giving arbitrary accusations,  Hamid, a local businessman alleged.

Recently, two sections of army went to the Padon village of Maungdaw south and told the villagers that ‘don’t go to jungle’ as RSO rebellion group entered in jungle. They also asked the villagers to submit an application to the concerned authority to participate in census admitting “Bengali” not Rohingya, the businessman more added.

We, the Rohinya community is suffering from many difficulties and harassment by the Then Sein government though after giving more pressure to Burmese government by international community, Ayub, a local youth from Maungdaw said.

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