Three released persons arrested again in Sittwe

Akyab (Sittwe), Arakan State:  Three released prisoners were arrested again in Sittwe (Akyab) on March 8 by police as courts was not satisfied with previous imprisonment under three penal codes, according to Bo Min Aung from Akyab.  “The victims are identified as—U Kyaw Myint and his son Hla Mynt and U Ba Tha of Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan state.”

In 2003, they were arrested by police over the allegation that they were involved in the attack which was occurred between immigration personnel and Rohingya youths in April.

After arrest, their trials had already been finished last year (2014), and they were sentenced and released. However, the concerned authorities planned to arrest these people again in Sittwe. They were informed that they were sentenced under the cases used in the trial before. It means the court was not satisfied with previous imprisonment under the following three penal codes, a Rohingya leader from the camp said on condition of anonymity.

Hashim, a Rohingya businessman from Akyab Said, “This recent arrest again the victims is a deliberate action against them because of lack of protection by international community to the defenseless Rohingya community.”

They were sentenced to 8 years each in prison under the penal codes 147, 333 and 395 earlier.

At present, they are being kept in Sittwe jail. The relatives are disappointing about the event and hope that the fate of the victims will be going from bad to worse, a close relative of the victims said from Akyab.

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