Refugees die for lack of proper treatment in Leda camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Refugees from Lada unregistered refugee camp had died with pneumonia, diarrhea, fever and cough for lack of proper treatment on March 4, Nuru, a refugee from Leda camp said.
“They had been suffering from topical disease- pneumonia, diarrhea, fever and cough since over one month in the camp.”

The deceased have been identified as on March 4, Md. Rasel (3 – month), son of Rashid Ahamed, Block A, Room # 133 and Abu Mosa ( over 3-month), son of Kiarul Alam, Block A, Room # 245,Nazir Ahamed (70), son of Lal Meah, Block- E, room # 274, died with pneumonia and TB, Md.Yasin (6-year), son of Kala Meah, Block-E, died with diarrhea and Md.Siddik (50), son of Md. Eshak-Block-E, died with diarrhea and on March 5,2015, Saiful Islam (4-month), son of Md. Eliyas, Block-A, room # 293, died with diarrhea. All the refugees had died  for lack of treatment where they received treatment from Muslim Aids UK, but it function was stopped to facilitate for medical treatment to refugee in Lada and refugees were started to die for not getting treatment, said Hamid , a local community leader from Lada. “The stopping of Muslim Aids for medical facility effected the local Lada community and refugees.”

According to a committee member Ayoub, many refugee children including females and males have been suffering from fever, pneumonia, diarrhea and cough since over a month in Leda camp as they don’t get any proper treatment from INGOs.

Earlier, an INGO Muslim Aids, based in UK provided basic treatments to the unregistered refugees in Leda camp but unfortunately, it (Muslim Aids) is being halted by the present ruling government, reason is unknown, Ayoub more added.

A local doctor, Mohamed Boktier Ahamed from Teknaf said that two unregistered refugee children of Leda camp were killed by pneumonia.

When asked a refugee teacher, he said “We, the refugees have been living in Leda camp without recognizing by the government and UNHCR. We don’t get any food and proper treatment from any quarter. So, we work hard and feed family members by ourselves. ”

“However, we have urged the government and INGOs to give basic treatments at unregistered refugees in Leda camp urgently, otherwise more refugees will die in future,” the teacher further said.

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