Village admin officer hits and hand- over to police for refusing to pay money in data collection program

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Yousuf, the block two admin officer hit a head of Rohingya while he refused to pay money for population data collection program and hand- over to police on February 22, said Safique , a businessman from Maungdaw.
Mawnu alias Mohamed Alam, a driver, went to process the population data collection program, when he tried to take his family group photograph, the block admin officer asked him to pay 20,000 kyats for adding newborn babies, erasing person and taking photograph. But, Mawnu refused to pay money as he know that Burma border guard police (BGP) director general Tin Ko Ko declared that no money will collect for data collection program, safique said.

The block admin officer become angry with Mawnu and the two become argue for payment, where the admin officer hit Mawnu’s head and he was bleeding. Near the people rushed to the spot, but the admin officer called the Three miles police station with complaining a man was disturbing the data collection program, said Rafique, a student from the area.

The police officer from Three miles police station – combining BGP and police- arrived at the spot and taking Mawnu with asking any question from people or eyewitness or Mawnu, Rafique said.

Mawnu was taking to Three miles police station at 3:30pm and kept him in the custody till report filed.

The situation of Rohingya are facing more difficult for their live struggle to continuous living in their birth place. The authority are trying to drive out the Rohingya community from their birth place with many methods – movement restriction, citizen ship, health, education, marriage restriction and etc., said Saber, from the local.

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