Maungdaw high level officers meet Rohingya elders

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw high level officers met Rohingya elders from Maungdaw township at Maungdaw district office hall on February 21, said Rafique , an elder from Maungdaw.
Khin Maung Lwin , the Maungdaw district  admin officer and  Hla Myint, the Maungdaw township admin officer called Rohingya elders to discuss about the white card issue with them at district office hall, Rafique said.

The Maungdaw high level officers told the Rohingya elders about white card issue which was ordered by Arkan state Chief Minister U Maung Maung Ohm. The officers asked to organize Rohingya community to surrender their white cards to authority within government announcement period, said Ayub, an elder who attend the meeting.

“It is very important to collect back the white cards on time for government, so we need your help to surrender your white cards on time, “said the district admin officer.

One of the participant said, “It is also very important for us this card as it is only the evidence of proof that we are from Burma citizen. We have before the National Identity Card (NRC) which government took from us with promised to issue us the Pink card which called national scrutiny card. But the government issued us only white card instated. Now, the government again asking us to surrender our white cards. What is the plan of government? The government is playing with us white card – some time valid, sometime invalid.”

“First we need a security cards which will mention who are and what we are, then we will surrender our cards to authority. Now, the authority only asking us to surrender our white cards which only our identity. So, we need a card which mention who we are and what we are when we surrender the card,” the participant said.

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