Four Rohingya youths arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Four Rohingya youths were arrested by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) today at about 11:00am, while they were coming home after collecting and breaking stones for GE soldiers in Maungdaw Township, a close relative of the victims said on condition of anonymity.  “The arrestees are identified as—Imran (17), son of Arab Hussain; Azimullah (18), son of Abdu Zabbar and Shamshu Alam (19), son of Moson Ali. They all belong to Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township. The 4th one is Lalu (20), not known his father’s name, hailed from Ngagin Tauk village.”

They went to the Ngagin Tauk pass – to cross the Mayu mountain range from Maungdaw side to Buthidaung near the Kyikanpyin village- of Mayu Taung (Mountain) of Maungdaw Township for one month with ration to collect and to break stones.  The stones are used for paving road and also using by GE soldiers in barbed wire fence. They were paid Kyat 50000 or 70000 or 80000 and 100,000 per head/month, according to their work skill, the relative more added.

When the said 4 youths were returning home after finishing their works, they were halt and arrested by the BGP personnel of a camp, which is built on a tip of a mountain nearby Maungdaw- Kyein Chaung road and detained them there for interrogations. The BGP demanded Kyat 1,500 per head to be released, but they did not able to pay the money, said Hasu Meah, a village elder from the locality.

However, after half an hour, the arrestees were brought to nearby a village named Wabeg, which is only one mile away from the camp. The victims were again searched by the BGP personnel and found a bullet in one of their bundles. So, they were sent again to BGP headquarters where they are detained, now, Ahyas, another close relative of the arrestees said.

Ahyas, the relative of the victim said, “The BGP personnel put the bullet inside the bundles to made allegation against the Rohingya youths. Where can they get bullet? it is impossible.”

Rashid, another village elder said, “The BGP personnel put the bullet secretly into a bundle and says they find a bullet in the bundle.”

When the BGP meets Rohingya youths and religious leaders on the street or other places, they make something against them or to harass them or extort money from them, said a businessman from the locality who did not mention his name for security reason.

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