Clash between BGP and villagers in Maungdaw Township

Maungdaw, Arakan State:   A clash was occurred between Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) and villagers of Gudusara village of Maungdaw south, at about 7:30pm on February 9, Abu Taher, a village elder from the locality said.  On February 9, at around 7:30pm, a group of BGP personnel from the camp of Gudusar Bridge entered the Gudusara village and arrested two villagers without any provocation. The arrestees made hue and cry to rescue them, so the villagers rushed to the spot and rescued them. But the BGP personnel fled to their camp leaving the arrestees in the village for fear of villagers’ repelling. The BGP camp is 500 yards far away from the village, Abu more added.

Nevertheless, the BGP personnel fired to the villagers after reaching the camp, but no one is wounded or dead. One hour later, two trucks loading with BGP personnel from other camps arrived to the Gudusara camp to reinforce it. Villagers believed that BGP will attack the village and will arrest villagers. So, the villagers were living in the village with fear, Salim, another village leader said.

However, yesterday night, some BGP personnel again entered the village and arrested one Hafe/ Moulvi and brought to the camp, said Tayub, a trader from the locality.

Today, at about 11:00 am, an officer of BGP headquarters of Kyigang Pyin of Maungdaw north; Camp-in-Charge of Pa Dinn (Fatanzar) BGP camp and another officer went to the Gudusara village to oversee the situation of the village. They said to the villagers that the arrestee will be produced in Maungdaw court tomorrow and he will be released if he is proved to be a good man and asked villagers to live peacefully, according to Mohamed Ayub, a schoolteacher who attended the meeting.

BGP personnel frequently enter the said village to create problem with the villagers, said a local youth.

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