BGP pick up Rohingya youth from market in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) picked up a Rohingya youth from Ngakura market of Maungdaw north while he was walking in the market to buy something at around 11:00 am, today, according to the victim’s mother.  “The victim is identified as Imran (25), son of Iman Hussain, hailed from Komoniya village of Ngakura village tract under Maungdaw Township.”

Today, at about 10:30 am, three BGP personnel from Ngakura camp went to Nagkura market to watch over the situation of the market and the said victim also went there for marketing at around 10:00am. In one stage, the BGP personnel held the victim while he was crossing them in the market over the allegation that they were humiliated by him while crossing them. After that he was severely tortured by them in the market in front of the people, Rafique, a local businessman said.

After that he was brought to their camp. Immediately, the victim’s parents went to the village Administration officer to advocate for their son to be released. The village Admin officer (Rakhine) went to the BGP camp and trying to release Imam Hussain, but failed. The BGP personnel disgraced and scolded him, said Ahmed, a villager quoting the village admin officer.

“One of the consumers from the market said that the victim was innocent, and they deliberately arrested him.”

“The concerned authorities mostly target Rohingya youths and religious leaders who become eyesores for them”, said a local leader preferring not to be named.

“The victim’s parents is going into puzzle for fear of more torture to their son,” a close relative from the village said.

The BGP always try to find faults whenever they go to Rohingya villages or markets or Rohingya gatherings as they are commonly from Rakhine community, said a Rohingya woman from the locality.

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