Robbery in Leda unregistered refugee camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  A robbery was committed at Leda unregistered Rohingya camp, Nila union, under Teknaf police station by local robbers on February 23 and looted away some cash, gold ornaments and some properties from the possession of refugees, said Leda chairman Hafez Ayub.  Continue reading “Robbery in Leda unregistered refugee camp”

Village admin officer hits and hand- over to police for refusing to pay money in data collection program

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Yousuf, the block two admin officer hit a head of Rohingya while he refused to pay money for population data collection program and hand- over to police on February 22, said Safique , a businessman from Maungdaw.
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Village admin and BGP officers extort money in population data collection program

Village admin officers from Rohingya villages are extorting  money from villagers when Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) accompanied by local immigration officers have been collecting population data collection (Hswe Tin Si in Burmese) resumed again in Rohingya populated areas since December 2014, said Hamid, a village admin officer from Maungdaw township.
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High level delegation visit Burmese refugee camps

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A high level delegation of foreign embassies of Bangladesh visited the Kutupalong makeshift camp on February17, Hashim, a refugee from the camp said.

“The delegation observed the situation of Kutupalong makeshift camp – situated near the UNHCR and Bangladesh government recognized registered camp and living in small shacks made with plastic and bushes – and met with refugees openly in the camp.”

One of the delegates said, “We express our sorrow that the situation of Rohingya refugees here is very bad and living standard is very miserable condition.”

According to sources, the delegates are from Norway, Denmark and Sweden visited the Burmese refugee camps. They also held a meeting with MSF, ACF and asked about the basic treatments of MSF towards the refugees and ACF for sanitation program.

Besides, the delegates met with some refugee leaders of Kutupalong makeshift camp and discussed about the problems of refugees which they faced in the camp, said one of the camp leader, Abu Siddque.

Moreover, on February 16, the delegation also went to the Nayapara registered refugee camp in Teknaf under the Cox’s Bazar district. They visited the refugee clinic, schools and observed the situation of the camp, a refugee leader Shaker from the Nayapara camp said

The delegates also met with the camp leaders and some refugees. The refugees urged them for durable solutions as the Rohingya refugees have been living in a miserable conditions in B

Army, BGB and police destroy poppy fields in Bangladesh

Bandarban,, Bangladesh: A joint team of Bangladesh Army, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and the police destroyed 24 poppy fields under Bandarban Reserve Forest adjacent to Myanmar border February 16, according to army official.


Joint force destroyed the poppy plan in Bandarban, Bangladesh.
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Four Rohingya youths arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Four Rohingya youths were arrested by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) today at about 11:00am, while they were coming home after collecting and breaking stones for GE soldiers in Maungdaw Township, a close relative of the victims said on condition of anonymity.  Continue reading “Four Rohingya youths arrested in Maungdaw”

BGP seizes white cards in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) has been seizing white cards from Rohingya people while travelling within the Township since February 12 in Maungdaw Township, said Nasim (not real name) for security reason.  Continue reading “BGP seizes white cards in Maungdaw”

Too early to say for white card issue: ARNO president

Nurul Islam, the president of ARNO (Arakan Rohingya National Organization) said it is too early to comment) about the announcement of white card by President Thein Sein.White card is automatically invalid from 31 March 2015. The announcement says nothing about issuing other identity cards in place of white cards, or in case of issuing what type of cards.  Continue reading “Too early to say for white card issue: ARNO president”