BGP attacks a taxi at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) attacked a taxi (tawlagyi) on November 26 while going to Maung Nama village from Maungdaw Town with passengers and some goods, said one of the passengers preferring not to be named.  “On November 26, at about 3: 30 pm, a group of BGP personnel with motorbikes went to Butkargonenah village adjacent to a flat mango orchid and halted a passenger taxi (Tawlagyi) on the road while coming from Maungdaw  and searched something after unloading all the passengers, but they did not find anything.”

A village elder who referring the passengers said, after a moment the BGP personnel asked the Rohingya passengers that— “what is your nationality or race”. Hearing the question, the passengers did not give any answer and looking to the BGP personnel. However, after a moment, BGP personnel asked them that— are you “Rohingya”?

Regarding the question, some of passenger said yes, and some are quiet. Seeing the cue of passengers, the BGP personnel returned to their camp doing nothing against the Rohingya passengers, saying good-bye to the passengers with laughing, the village elder said.

“The taxi (Tawlagyi) is always flying on the road said one of the passengers, but we did not know the intention of the BGP personnel.”

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