BGB on red alert along the Bangladesh-Burma border

Tekanf, Bangladesh:  Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is on red-alert along the Bangladesh-Burma border since the night of November 25, after hearing the sound of gunfire in Burma side, according to BGB officials of Whykong.
“Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) from Niasa Daung camp of Maungdaw, Arakan State, Burma, suddenly heard opened fire of gunshot on November 25, at night, around 9:00 pm.”

A group of BGB members of Whykong BGB out-post along the border area of Ulubona suddenly heard the sound of 9 to10 firing shot from Naisa Daung BGP out-post of Burma while giving patrol, BGB officials more added.

After hearing the firing from BGP of Burma, the Company Commander Zawz Meah immediately informed to the Lt. Col. Abujar-Al-Jahid of Teknaf Battalion No. 42 regarding the matter, a spokesperson from BGB said.

According to sources, when the BGB communicated with the camp commander of Khumur Khali (Litra) camp of Burma side about the gunfire, the commander said there was nothing happened.

However, members of the BGB are on red alert along the border areas since November 25, to avoid untoward event, sources added.

When asked a Bangladeshi fisherman who always fishing in the Naff River about the accident as mostly Bangladeshi fishermen went to the Naff River to catch fish; he said that nobody got wounded or arrested. Frequently, the BGP personnel shoot to Bangladeshi fishermen while fishing in the Naff River.

BGB personnel of Bangladesh fear that there will be an event such as occurred at Niakonchari border by BGP in May 2014.  In the event, Mizanur Rahman, a BGB officer was killed allegedly by BGP, near the border pillar number 52, said a local leader on condition of anonymity.

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