Burma plants mines in Burma-Bangladesh border

Naikhong  Chari, Bangladesh:  Burmese Army and Border Guard Police (BGP) are outwardly violating the border agreement by installing ‘Booby Traps’ devices, plastic mines and IED devices within 30 meters of zero line, according to a recent intelligence report of BGB.
“The intelligence wing of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) submitted the report to home ministry in October.”

The report mentioned that Burmese army and BGP are setting up plastic mines and improvised explosive devices (IED) within 30 meters of Ashartali and Lembuchhari BGB outposts, clearly violating the 1980 Bangladesh-Burma Border Agreement.

According to the agreement, anyone of the two countries can make any establishments within 30 meters of the no-man’s-land. But, Burma violated the deal several times, BGB source said.

According to the report, BGB recovered 68 plastic mines and seven IEDs from seven meters interior of the zero line of border pillar No. 46 of Ashartali outpost at Naikhangchhari from December 19 to 28, 2013.

Moreover, a Bangladeshi woodcutter recovered two IEDs from near pillar No.49 of Lemu Chari on June 1, 2013. The devices were recovered from 20 meters inside Burma.

Earlier on April 17, 2013, another Bangladeshi citizen also recovered one IED from the same area, the report said.

The report quoted locals and public representatives of border areas as saying that Burma set up the devices in a bid to save their barbed wire fence as some locals of both the countries sometimes cut the fence to move in.

‘Booby Traps’ were set up to resist movement of the activists of so-called Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) as Burma believes wild activists use remote frontier areas of Bangladesh, it noted.

A booby trap is a device or set-up that is intended to kill, harm or surprise a person, unknowingly triggered by the presence or actions of the victim.

‘Booby Traps’ devices named by Burmese army and BGP were set up in a very aggressive manner by violating the border deal, according to BGB officials.

The report recommended that BGB protest the incident of setting Booby Traps and other devices installed by Burma at a flag meeting, according to BGB.

Besides, it also recommended strengthening the regular patrol by BGB in zero line of bordering area.

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