Rescued Rohingyas boat people produced in Chittagong Court

Chittagong, Bangladesh:  82 Rohingyas separate from rescued 600 fortune seekers while being trafficked to Malaysia two days before, were sued to the Chittagong Chief Magistrate’s court for illegal entry into Bangladesh, on November 19, said Kazi Shahabuddin, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Patenga Police Station.


The Navy warship ‘Durjoy’ with large boat landed at Patenga Jetty, ChittagongLt Commander Mahbubur Rahman of the Navy warship ‘Durjoy’ filed two cases with Patenga Police on November 17 night, one for trespassing and the other for human-trafficking.

Eighty-two Myanmar nationals from boat were accused of trespassing and 17 others including three Bangladeshis were booked for trafficking, according to Shahabuddin.

Chittagong Metropolitan Magistrate Ahmed Sayed passed an order to 85 men and women who were packed with 625 fortune seekers, have landed in jail. Among them, 19 were women and 12 children.

82 Rohingyas were sued to the Chittagong Chief Magistrate’s court

“A total of 82 Rohingyas including 19 women and 12 children were sued for illegal entry into Bangladesh while 14 people were accused in both cases (illegal entry and human trafficking).”

“There were 625 passengers on the trawler. Of them, 555 were males, 31 females and 26 children. Apart from them, there were also 11 Myanmar national human traffickers and three Bangladeshi on board. The trawler was illegally sailing to Malaysia for human trafficking,” according to Navy press statement.
Later, 494 Bangladeshi nationals including 14 women and 21 children were released on November 19, in the morning after interrogation from Patenga Police Station, Shahabuddin said.

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