Fishermen face trouble in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya fishermen of Maungdaw Township have been facing trouble for their survival as they have been barred from fishing since November 7, by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel, a fisherman named Noor Mohamed of Maungdaw south said.
“The officer of Aley Than Kyaw BGP camp called some fishermen from the locality and asked them not to fish in rivers.”

The officer also told them that the concerned higher authority ordered them (police) not to allow Rohingya fishermen for fishing in the sea or rivers, said Hamid, another fisherman from the area.

When asked Rafique, a fisherman over telephone, he said “I have six family members and have to support them. So I am facing acute difficulties now.”

According to sources, the concerned authorities of Burma frequently disturb and restrict the Rohingya fishermen in Arakan. So, many fishermen have been suffering from their survival.

An ex-village admin officer from Maungdaw south said on condition of anonymity, the concerned authorities have been trying to destroy the earning sources of Rohingya community and they also want to drive out the Rohingyas from Arakan soil.

Rohingyas are barred from going to sea, rivers for fishing, and also make restriction to go to forest for cutting wood and has also been restricted from trading. They are not employed in government service and the authorities have confiscated their farm lands. Among them, movement restriction is very danger for Rohingya community, said a local businessman on condition of anonymity.

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