Bangladesh Coastguard arrests 21-Burmese fisherman at Bay of Bengal

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Coastguard arrested 21-Burmese fisherman along with a fishing engine boat from the Bay of Bengal nearby Sant-Martin Island recently, Dilu, a local from Sant-Martin Island said. According to official, they were arrested on October 30, at about 4:00 am when they crossed Bangladesh territorial waters illegally.

The operation was led by an officer named Mohammed Rezaul Islam of Saint-Martin Coastguard camp.

Arrested fishermen and fishing boat were brought to jetty of Sant-Martin Island by the members of Bangladesh Coastguard and detained the fishermen at Coastguard office, official said.

According to sources, they will be released by the Bangladesh Coastguard, if they are real fisherman, not boatpeople.

When asked to a local fisherman over the telephone, he said that the Burmese fishermen were arrested over the allegation that they are the boat-people –trying to go Malaysia.

“Mostly boatpeople have been going to Malaysia from the Saint-Martin Island and different areas of Cox’s Bazar districts.”

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