BGB arrest 43-Rohingya at Bangladesh-Burma border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) recently arrested 43-Rohingya again from different entry points of Bangladesh-Burma border, Kolim, a local from Teknaf town said. “Members of BGB arrested 34 Rohingyas from various points of border on October 29, while entering the Bangladesh through the entry points of Teknaf Dumdum Meah, Nilla and Whykong by small row boats.”

According to BGB source, members of BGB arrested 20-Rohingya from Nilla entry point, 4-from Dumdum Meah point and 9-from Whykong-check-post after being conducted operation. They all belong to Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships Arakan State, Burma.

After arrest, they were brought to different BGB outposts of Teknaf Battalion No. 42 and interrogated by BGB. However, they all were pushed back to Burma through the said points, BGB sources said.

Besides, BGB members of Whykong check-post checked vehicles and arrested 9-Rohingya on October 27 at night while they were going to Cox’s Bazar from Teknaf, said an aide of BGB.

Mostly, Rohingya have crossed Burma-Bangladesh border recently as they have no jobs and always discriminated by the Burmese government. The concerned authorities of Burma also harass the Rohingya such as— arbitrary arrest, killing, extorting money, and restrict the movement and etc., a Rohingya politician from Maungdaw town said.

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