BGP and police arrest Rohingyas for extortion in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) and police from Maungdaw police station arrested Rohingyas for extortion money recently in Maungdaw, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
The BGP and police are framing false cases- linked with Rohingya Solidarity Organization – RSO (a rebellion group), go to Bangladesh, using Bangladesh mobile, trafficking Rohingyas to Malaysia, money laundering, reporting to foreign media- to harass and extort money after Rohingyas refused to participate so-called population data collection or census, Halim more said.

Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested two Rohingya youths – Oziullah (30), son of Lalu and Fokurul Uddin (22), son of Saifullah, hailed from Khonza Bill village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract- on October 25 at about 5:00pm, with a false case of using Bangladesh mobiles while they were returning to their home from Alay Than Kyaw by a bicycle, said Hamidul Rahaman, a trader from Maungdaw south.

The BGP personnel checked their bodies and forced them to hold a mobile in camp of Alay Than Kyaw, where BGP personnel took pictures with mobile phone with them. The BGP personnel called the village Admin officer of Khonzabill, Sayed Alam to their camp and demand 200,000 kyat per head to release the two youths. The village admin officer managed to release the two youth on that day, paying the demand money, according to Kaseim (not real name) a school teacher from areas.

Similarly, BGP personnel from BGP area No.6 arrested a Rohingya – Sadek Hussain (22), son of Sayed Karim, hailed from Balu Khali (Thee Chaung) village, under Powet Chaung village tract, Maungdaw north- without giving any reason, while he was standing in front of  a shop on October 25, at about 6:30pm, Jafor Ahmed, a local elder from the areas.

The BGP personnel immediately called the village administration officer and asked him to pay Kyat 500,000 to release the youth. But, his parents and relatives are not able to manage that amount, so the victim is kept in the custody of BGP area No.6 camp, said a relative of the victim.

Besides, U Htoo Htoo, the surveillance officer of Maungdaw police station, threatened two wealthy Rohingya brothers –Zahir Ahmed and Faisal from Bomu para under Block No.2 of Maungdaw- on October 26, to give him three millions kyat for using Zahir Ahmed in so called leading and arson attack in 2012 list and Faisal in yaba trafficking, said Asharff, an elder from Maungdaw.

Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) and police have started several harassments against the Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw south and north such as —-arbitrary arrest, extortion, killing innocent Rohingyas, movement restriction, using false allegation to extort money, using old so called leading and arson attack in 2012 list, linked with RSO and etc.

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