Army commits robbery in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Amy committed robbery against four Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw north, Arakan State, Burma on October 22 in the morning, said Hamid, a village elder from the area.   “The robbery was took place at Balu Khali (Thee Chaung) village under the Powet Chaung village tract of Maungdaw Township.”

The house owners (victims) are identified as—Anwar (25), son of Abdu Munaf; Shuraz Zaman (50), son of Amir Bokshu; Abdu Shuker (30), son of Abdu Malek and Maulana Yousuf (45), son of Abdu Matalab,  Hamid more added.

The day before October 22, some of the collaborators or local agents of BGP (Burma Border Guard Police) informed to army that some of the RSO members penetrated to Balu Khali village from Bangladesh and taking shelter there. Therefore, about 200-army went to that village to see whether it was true or not, but, the army did not find any clue of RSO members, Ayub Ali, a businessman from the locality.

However, the army combed the whole village and finding nothing, but, at last, they destroyed four houses and one shop of the villagers’ to take revenge to previous enmity of not participating in census.  But, the house owners fled from their houses to avoid arrest. These were done by the indication of Kamal, the administration officer of the village. He wants close relation with government officials doing anti-activities of villagers, said Mohamed Noor, a village elder from the areas.

After the operation, all the army except 7 soldiers withdrew from the village. But, October 22 in the morning, the remaining seven soldiers accompanied by six BGP collaborators including Kamal Hussain (the village administration officer) committed robbery against the said 4 villagers and took away cash and some gold  ornaments after breaking Almali (cupboard), the elder more added.

The other five collaborators are identified as- Nurul Islam (27), son of Sayed Ullah;  Zubair (30), son of Mohi Uddin; Ali Ahmed (25), son of Kala;  Nurul Amin (42), son of  Jalal Ahmed and  Ayub ( 45), son of  Abdu Suban, according to a local youth.

The army took away Kyat 600,000 and one pair of gold earring from Anwar; Kyat 405,000 from Shuraz Zaman; Kyat 606,000 and some documents from Maulana Yousuf and some money from Abdu Shukur (the exact amount is not known). He (Shukur) went to Maungdaw to sell shrimps and he was arrested by the army while he was on the way to home on October 22.  After arrest, he was severely tortured according to the advice of Kamal (administration officer) and brought to unknown place.  The fate of the arrested villager is still unknown, said Moulvi Yousuf from the locality.

A local trader said, the concerned authority arrested innocent villagers with false allegation and tortured, extorted money and even sent to jail.  They are the judges and plaintiffs and the Rohingyas are always defendants, “because of might is right”.

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