Army and BGP kill again a religious leader in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A religious leader was killed by Burmese border Guard Police ( BGP) and army in Maungdaw northon October 23, at about 10:00 pm, said  a close relative of the victim on condition of anonymity.


Hafez  Hussain dead body in the village
“The dead was identified as—Hafez Hussain Ahamed (43), son of Jaher Meah, hailed from Khawar Bil (Ye Twin Pin) village of Maungdaw township.”

He went to Nari Bill ( Kyauk Pyin Seik ) village of Maungdaw north to visit his daughter on October 21, the close relative more added.

When a BGP patrol group from Min Gala camp of Maungdaw Township went to Nari Bill village at about 10:00 pm, villagers ran away from the village for fear of arbitrary arrest and harassment. Among them, the aforesaid Hafez Hussain Ahamed was also included. All the villagers ran away from the village, but Hafez Hussain was met with BGP and army personnel while fleeing. He was afraid and jumped into a pound for escaped. But the BGP and army didn’t allow him to come on the water by throwing stones to him. He had to stay in the water for hiding and escaping from stones which threw by BGP and army till he died in the water. However, his dead body was found in the pound nearby a Shrimp Dam in the morning, Mohamed Jalal, a local village elder who checked the dead body before to send to Maungdaw police station.

Villagers  visit to see the Hafez Hussin Ahmed’s dead body

A local youth said, “It is a deliberate killing to an innocent Rohingya villager.”

In the morning, villagers found the dead body in a shrimp dam and brought to his daughter’s home.  The BGP and army petrol group stayed at the village till the morning and left to their camp. On October 23 at night, the BGP personnel beat all the persons they met on the way to Nari Bill village, according to a local trader who denied to be named.

The dead body was brought to Maungdaw police station and returned to the relatives of the victim in the evening to bury.

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