No rights to protect the property

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingyas had no rights to protect their property in Maungdaw, said Anno, an elder from Maungdaw.
Rohingyas villagers from Shwezarr village had tried to protect their goats from Rakhine’s dogs (two dogs) biting while the goats were grazing near the village and Rohingyas tried to drive the dogs to Rakhine village on October 20 at about 5:00pm. But, Rakhines complained to the authority that Rohingyas villagers attempted to kill them. The authority – Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) – stationed in the area arrested 7 Rohingyas over the allegation that they attempted to kill the Rakhine, Anno said.

Three Rakhine women accompanied by two dogs went to the riverside to catch the crabs on that day in the evening, but the dogs tried to bite the goats in the field where the goats were grazing. When the Rohingya villagers – the owners of goats – tried to protect their goats from the dogs, the villagers drove the dogs from the field to Rakhine village. But, the Rakhine villagers complained to concerned authority that Rohingya villagers chased them to kill.  All the Rakhine villagers from the village went to the monastery where they stay whole night showing they were in fear of killing, said a village admin office member who denied to be named.

As a result, some of the BGP personnel and police from Maungdaw gave security guard to the Rakhine village at night, but the security force didn’t get any sign for attacking, the village admin office member said.

However, the BGP officer from the camp of Shwezarr arrested 9 Rohingyas with allegation of attempting to kill Rakhine on October 21 morning and handed over to Maungdaw police station, said Subahan, an elder from the village.

Later, six Rohingyas were released after taking 1200,000 kyat from Manoor son of Younous and 350,000 kyat per each from others by police officer of Maungdaw police station and other four Rohingyas are still in the custody of Maungdaw police station, Subahan said.

The situation in the Shwezarr village realized that Rohingyas had no rights to protect their own property, Subahan more added.

In Shwe Zarr village tract, there is only one Rakhine village with one monastery, one Hidu village and 7 Rohingya villages. They have been living together since long when the Rakhine village was established. The Rakhine village was a fishing village when it’s established. Most of the villagers are migrated from Bangladesh and most of villagers are still speaking Bangla language, said Hashim, an ex-government officer from the village.

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