Depraved situation in Buthidaung jail

Buthidaung, Arakan State: The situation of the Buthidaung jail is very depraved situation for prisoners, especially for Rohingyas who are in the jail, according to a prisoner recently released from Buthidaung jail.
“Some of the recent arrested Rohingya villagers from Maungdaw Township had been sent to Buthidaung jail where they are being tortured severely every day.”

Some of the prisoners are identified as—Maulana Sayed Amin ( 35), son of Sultan, hailed from Tolatoli (Min Gyi Rwa) of Maungdaw south; Maulana Wares (40), son of Jahid Hussain, hailed from Badaka Dewan Ali village of Maungdaw north;  Master Abdul Hai (30), son of Ahmeddu, hailed from Wetkin village of Maungdaw north;  Sayed ( 35), son of Gura Meah, hailed from Garata Bill;  Maulana Shaker (40), father’s name unknown, hailed from Garata Bill, Mohamed Tayub (40), son of Younos, hailed from Garata Bill, the released prisoner more added.

Some others are unknown villagers that are also being tortured severely in jail. In fact, they were arrested by BGP (Burma Border Guard Police) because of not taking part in census or so-called population data collection, but the concerned authorities implicated them with RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), said Jashim (not real name), a local elder  from local.

Besides, recently, the commander of the camp No 24 under the BGP area No.4 of Maungdaw north is extorting money from villagers by making a list of villagers- the list included 40 villagers- inked with allegation linking with RSO. The villagers are being threatened with the list to pay money to the officer, Jashim more said.

The officer told the villagers that he received this information from the arrested villagers. As a result, he asked Kyat 300,000 per head who wants to drop from the list, otherwise, they will be sent to the court and will stay in the jail , a local youth said preferring not to be named.

For fear of arrest and torture by BGP personnel, most of the listed villagers are going into hiding places to avoid arrest. According to sources, some of the villagers have already paid money to the said commander.

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