BGP extorting from travelers a long Maungdaw-Alay Than Kyaw highway road

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) guarding near the bridges are extorting money from Rohingya travelers and vehicles since 2012 and now increasing more since Rohingya denied to participate in census program, said Hamid Hussion, a student from Maungdaw south.
The officer in charge of BGP outpost at Gawduthara Iron Bridge extorted 30,000 kyat from Azizul Rahaman while he was traveling to Maungdaw on October 21, morning, Hamid said.

Similarly, on same day, the officer extorted 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 kyat from three jeeps which were plying on Maungdaw-Alay Than Kyaw highway road, said a driver who plies on this road denied to be named.

The BGP personnel from bridges along the highway road are extorting money from Rohingyas travelers, asking them to show the travel document and Temporary Registered card (White card). If anyone has missed anyone, he or she has to pay more money. If all document are in hand, the BGP personnel asked 500 kyat per head, said the driver.

Sometimes, the bridge guards insulted by physically, mostly to females. The BGP personnel try to attempt to rape the females if they got chance while traveling at night or at noon when most of the people are not traveling at that time, said Tayub, a trader from Maungdaw.

The highway road is danger for Rohingyas who are traveling on this road, had to pay money, lives, property, honest and dignity, said Munaf, a schoolteacher from Maungdaw south.

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