BGP abducts six Bangladeshi fishermen

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Six Bangladeshi fishermen were abducted along with three small row boats by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) on October 20, while fishing in the Naff River, Jamal Hossain, a local fisherman from Teknaf town said.
The kidnapped fishermen were identified as—Nurul Alam (40), Muzib (35), Kalaya (30), Mohammed Shafi (27), Amir Hossain (40), and Osman Goni (30). They all belong to Teknaf Zaliapara under the Teknaf police station of Cox’s Bazar district.

A fisherman, Jamal said that they went to Naff River for fishing by small row boats that day at about 11:00 am.

Suddenly, a team of BGP personnel illegally crossed Bangladesh territorial waters by a speed boat and abducted six fishermen along with three row small boats at gun point, Jamal further said.

But, other row fishing boats ran away seeing BGP personnel speedboat, said Amin, another fisherman who is the eyewitness and among the runaway fishermen.

According to fishermen, many Bangladeshi fishermen with row boats frequently go to Naff River to catch fish in Bangladesh territorial waters.

A relative of the fishermen said that BGP demanded 4 million Kyat for their release, but they were unable to pay this huge amount. So, the arrestees are being detained at Poungzarr (Ashika para) BGP camp in Maungdaw.

However, the relatives of the fishermen will give an objection letter to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) onOctober 21, regarding the matter, Nuru, a local fisherman from Teknaf said.

Earlier, Burma border security force (Nasaka) abducted many Bangladeshi fishermen from the Naff River and sent to jail. So, many Bangladeshi fishermen including woodcutters have been languishing in the Burmese jail. Like Nasaka personnel, Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) also started to kidnap fishermen from the Naff River during the fishing, Nuru more added.

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