One more Rohingya killed in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: One more Rohingya was killed by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) with torturing under their custody on October 16, said a closed relative of victim who denied to be named.
“The victim was identified as— Abu Tayub (35), son of Khobir, hailed from Ngarsar Kyeu (Nitha Puru) village of area No.5 of Maungdaw Township.”

Tayub was arrested by BGP personnel while crossing Bangladesh-Burma border on October 14. He went to Bangladesh for a few days for working as no job to survive the family and then returned to his home. After arrest he was brought to local BGP camp where he was detained, the relative more added. “Most of the rural areas people cross border–Burma-Bangladesh border (Naf River)—with understanding of BGP for searching jobs, medical treatment, visiting their relative in the refugee camp and etc…”

On October 15, his parents and local administration officer were summoned to the local BGP camp where they had certified Tayub is the son of Khobir with their family list which was issued by authority. The parents and admin officer were told by the BGP officer that Tayub had committed crime, so he would be jailed for nine years according to the law. “But, if we get some money, he will be jailed less than nine years,” said Hamid (not real name) a closed to BGP personnel.

Hearing this, the parents went home and collecting money to bribe to the BGP personnel. At this moment, however, the victim was severely tortured at the camp by BGP personnel in the name interrogation and died on October 16 in their custody within two days, the local elder added.

Nevertheless, on October 17, the dead body was sent toKyein Chaung ( Bawli Bazar) hospital and declaring for emergency medical treatment. The authority sent the dead body to the hospital to hide the real event and to prove the people that he died of fatal disease while taking treatment. He was kept in the emergency section of the hospital.   After that, the parents and some elders were called to the hospital and showed them that the victim died of fatal disease, Amin, a local trader from the area said.

However, the parents had to pay a sign paper to the BGP official that their son died for fatal disease and then the dead body was handed over to the parents, Amin more added.

On October 18, the dead body was buried at the local cemetery.

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