BGP’s increasing harassments against Rohingyas in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Recently, Burma Border Guard Police (BGP)’s harassments are increasing unpredictably in Maungdaw Township against the Rohingya villagers who were not participated in so-called data collection, Jalil (not real name) said from the locality.   “The concerned authorities had already told the villagers that they will take stern action against the villagers, those who were not participated in-so-called population data collection.”

On October 10, the local Commander of area No.7 of Maungdaw Township held a meeting inviting local villagers and concerned local authorities. In the meeting the commander told that they will check family lists of the villagers (in Burmese-Swe Tin Sie) again soon and that will be finished within 50 days. The authority will put the people in the fleeing lists who did not take part in the census, Kamal (not real name) said from the locality.

According to a relative of the victims, who were sent to Hluntin headquarters at 4-mile after arrest from Kawar Bill village recently, they are being tortured severely, and some of them are dying position.

The religious leaders or Maulanas or Rohingya Muslims with beard are become eye-soars of BGP personnel when they see on the roads or in the markets. When the police see them, they deliberately scold them, Lal Meah, a local youth said.

Some of the villagers from Donkhali village of Maungdaw Township were brutally beaten up and also pulled out their beard because of not participating in so-called population data collection, according to Jani Mostafa, a local villager.

The Director of the immigration officer U Soe Myint Tun of Kyikan Pyin  (Kawar Bill) village of Maungdaw Township said, “We are only checking the villagers’ family household lists and their identification cards. There are no Rohingya in this country and the Government has said that as well. We are just doing what we have to do,” according to sources.

The district police officer U Shwe Than and his troop have been starting checking Rohingya youths who were rounding and visiting their relatives during the Muslim Eid Holiday on bridge of Maungdaw-Myothu Gyi village and Maungdaw-Buthidaung highway. Polices searched the Rohingyas youth body and didn’t give any reason. The police personnel took all the money which the police found on the body and sometimes the polices insulted Rohingyas youth who asked the police for why and for checking, said Dil Mohamed , a youth from Maungdaw.

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