BGP personnel start watching religious buildings and cemeteries

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel are watching religious buildings – Mosques, Madarasas (religious schools) and cemeteries at night since 2nd week of October, said Farous, a village admin officer from Maungdaw south.
“The BGP personnel stayed near the religious building and cemeteries at night after people entered to their home and watching the areas. The BGP returned early in the morning to their stations.”

The BGP personnel started this operation after they started arresting Rohingya youths and religious students where some Rohingyas were died under BGP custodies, said the officer.

The BGP are suspecting the areas – religious building and cemeteries – for hideout of Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) which the authority declared that RSO entered to Maungdaw. But, it is a pre plan of authority to harass the Rohingyas community and to show international community that Rohingyas are doing against the law, said Rafique, a politician from Maungdaw.

The watching the religious places and cemeteries are one kind of their pre plan to harass Rohingyas community and threaten the community. After that the authority will state that so called RSO groups are hiding in these places, the politician said.

Most the villagers are worry for these action of BGP as the BGP will do something and will turn over to Rohingyas community to harass and to killed, extort, jail and etc.., said Lukman Hakhim, an elder from the local.

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