BGB seizes over 217,512 Yaba tablets along Burma-Bangladesh border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized more than 217,512 Yaba tablets from Teknaf and Naff river in their separate raided on October 11, 12 and 13, according to BGB official. On being tipped off, a patrol team of BGB launched a drive near sluicegate No.2 adjacent to the Naf River on October 11, at about 8:30 pm and recovered several plastic bags containing about 40,000 pieces of Yaba tablets, said commanding Officer of Teknaf Border Guard Battalion No-42  Lt. Col. Md. Abuzar Al Jahid.

While the BGB team had information about more Yaba pills, they suspended their drive due to heavy overnight rain, Col Jahid said. “The BGB members later conducted a fresh drive in the same area and recovered 100,000 more Yaba tablets at about 5:30 am.”

BGB official also said that members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) recovered 1,40,000 Yaba tablets, worth about Tk 4.20 crore, from Teknaf under Cox’s Bazar district on October 11, night and early October 12.

Besides, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized 77,512 Yaba tablets worth Tk 2.33 crore from a boat in the Naf River under Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar district on October 13 night, according to  BGB official.

A BGB patrol team conducted a drive at the boat, which was coming from Lal Dwip of Burma, at Jailya Dwip in the river yesterday at around 8:30pm, said commanding officer of BGB Battalion-42 Lt Col M Abuzar Al Jahid.

Sensing BGB personnel, the Yaba smugglers jumped into the river leaving the boat behind. Later, the border guards recovered the Yaba tablets kept in eight packets inside a basket, the officer said.

However, there was no arrest in connection with the Yaba as the drug smugglers fled the scene sensing presence of the law-enforcers.

A local trader from Teknaf town said that thousands of Yaba tablets have been smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma through the sea route by smugglers. So, the concerned authorities of Bangladesh have given tight security and restricted along the border, but still unable to stop it.

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