Rohingyas release from jail with President’s amnesty

Rohingyas released from Akyab jail on October 7, 2014, in the evening after President’s amnesty order issued, according to Bo Min Aung, a Human Rights Defender from Bangkok.
“U Kyaw Hla Aung, U Kyaw Myint, Hla Myint , son of U Kyaw Myint and some other Rohingyas from northern Arakan state,” Bo Min Aung, also the son of U Kyaw Hla aung.

“In fact, these are the prisoners whose imprisonments will be completed after few months. Such prisoners were also included in the amnesty and we – the family members- would like to express “Special Thanks” to all who tried very hard for the release of these – Rohingyas- people including my father,” said Bo Min Aung.

U Kyaw Hla Aung, U Kyaw Myint and Hla Myint were imprisoned for 18 months under the section 147/150 on 26 September, but arrested on July 15, 2013, will release on the last week of December 2014 as per jail term ordered from Akyab court, according to their family members.

At the time of Burma’s President’s Amnesty was announced by President Office. It said that the prisoners who have 6 months remaining imprisonment and less than 6 months remaining imprisonment will be released according to amnesty.

So, the said three and some other Rohingyas people were released on October 7, in the evening.

But U Kyaw Hla Aung, U Kyaw Myint, Hla Myint and other Rohingyas had to sign on the bond under criminal procedure code section 401 as they will not involve in any crime or unlawful activities in the future. If they involve in such crime or activities, if they will be arrested again, they will have to spend the remaining imprisonment together, according to Aung Saw, an elder from Akyab.

U Kyaw Hla Aung is suffering high blood pressure, heart attack, and arthritis, according to his family.

At present, he is living with his family member where they have been staying after 2012 violence in IDP camp.

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