BGP beats Maulana in Maungdaw

Maungdaw. Arakan State:  One Maulana was severely beaten by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) without any provoking in Maungdaw Township on October 9, according to the victim’s closed relative preferring not to be name because of security reason.  “The victim is identified as—Maulana Nazir (35), son of Jalal Ahmed, hailed from Kawar Bill (Kyigan Pyin) village of Maungdaw Township.”

On that day, at about 7:00 pm, when the said Maulana was going to Kawar Bill village from Kollizabaga village under Butkargonanah village track by bicycle,where two BGP personnel came to him by car and halted him and then severely beaten without giving any reason, the relative more added.

The victim sensing that he would be received more torture; he fled from the scene and went to home with serious condition. At present, he is taking medical treatment from local illegal medical personal, said Hashim, a village elder from locality.

Why did the BGP personnel beat the victim Maulana Nazir while he was on the way to home by bicycle without any provoking? It is a deliberate action against the religious leader of Rohingya community,said Kholil, a religious leader from the locality.

Recently, the BGP personnel arrested nearly 100 Rohingya villagers (including Maulanas and Hafezi Quran) with false and fabricated case in Maungdaw Township to take avenge who did not participate in so-called population data collection. However, the concerned authorities have been trying to frame case against them implicating with Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), a rebellion group, getting no evidence to frame case against them, Ayub, a village trader from the area.

As a result, the villagers in Maungdaw Township especially from BGP area numbers 2 and 1 are passing their nights and days with fear of arrest by BGP personnel. They are not living in their villages, only females are staying in their villages. The females are on risked to attempt to rape by BGP or other concerned personnel as no males are in villages, said Haroon, a student from the local.

Why the world community is quite-silent about the brutality of Burmese pseudo democracy government against the Rohingya community?, said Haroon.

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