Five students arrested in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Five Arabic students were arrested by Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) from Maung Nama Gyi village of Maungdaw north on October 10, at about 4:30 AM, while they were sleeping at the Maung Nama Madrasa, said Alam (not real name) said, on condition of anonymity.  “They are the students of the said Madrasa and they have been paying duty as night guard for the Madrasa because of closing it since 2012, after the violence between Rakhine and Rohingya communities to avoid untoward incident.”

The arrested students are identified as— Hafez Hyrul Amin (17), son of Habi Hussain; Mohamed Amin(19), son of Mohamed Siddique; Mohamed Salim (25), son of Abdul Hussain;  Hafez Mohamed Zubair (18), son of  Moulvi Abdul Amin and Noor Mohamed (20), son of Abdu Samat. Among the arrestees, there is one Hafezi teacher who memorized Quran to the boys was also included. He has Kyat 300,000 and some ornaments of his wife in his box. These were also taken away by the BGP personnel. All the students belong to Maung Nama Gyi village of Maungdaw Township, Alam more added.

The BGP also arrested another four villagers of Maung Nama Gyi village on that night. They are identified as—Mohamed Eliyas (30), son of Mohamed Sayed; Mohamed Hussain (35), son of Khadir Boksho; two brothers Taher (18) and Zaker (23), son of Mostaque Ahamed, said Hashim, a village elder who denied to be named.

After arrest, they were brought to BGP Headquarters of Kigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) of Maungdaw north and tortured severely there, over the allegation that they had link with RSO ( Rohingya Solidarity organization), a rebellion group, Hashim  said.

On that day, at around 4:00 am, the BGP personnel of Headquarters went to the said village with four cars without giving any information to the local Admin officer of the village. The next day, in the morning, the relatives of the arrestees or victims went to the headquarters to see their sons and relatives, but the concerned authority did not allow the relatives to meet with them, Nur Alam, a village school teacher.

According to Hussein, a businessman from Maungdaw, today, the arrestees were sent to Hluntin Headquarters at Maungdaw 4 miles for further interrogation.

Yaya, another businessman said that since last month, many villagers, nearly 100 villagers had been arrested by BGP personnel over the allegation that they had link with a rebellion group.  In fact, they are the innocent villagers. They have not committed any crime except they had not participated in so-called population data collection.

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