Elephant kills Rohingya villager in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya villager was killed by a wild elephant at Kawar Bill (Kyigang Pyin) village on October 5 while looking the paddy field or harvest at night to give protection from destroying by wild animals, said the victim’s business partner from the locality.
“The victim was identified as—Fayas Ahmed (50), hailed from Ngagin Tauk village of Buthidaung Township.”

He went to Kawar Bill village of Maungdaw north to visit his business partner.

On the night of October 5, he went to paddy field accompanied by his business partner to get experience and to oversee the paddy field from destroying harvest by wild elephant, said Mohamed Mostak, a village elder from the village.

When an elephant came to the paddy field at mid night, they (guest and owner) were trying to get out the elephant from the paddy field by shouting and making noise, but the elephant did not take any care of it. As a result, the two persons climbed down from the tower – watching the paddy field on huts which made on long poles of trees in the field – and tried to chase the elephant with the light of their torchlight. When they torched to the face of the elephant, suddenly, the elephant rushed to them and killed the guest on the spot, the owner more added.

However, the owner of the paddy field managed to escape quickly from the scene by running another direction.

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